Managing a tech conference

This semester, a new opportunity came to surface to boost my management skills: I became the conference chair of a 500 attendee, student organized, free tech conference – Talk A Bit.

Talk A Bit is a one-day conference that focuses on the social impact of technology. This subject can be seen from the standpoint of how technology is changing the way we live, through applications like autonomous vehicles or wearable gadgets, but also from the positive impact technology can have in specific scenarios such as helping blind people guide themselves in buildings.

The conference brings together students and companies in a friendly environment where discussion and networking are encouraged, providing a truly unique experience within the inspiring walls of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

The fact that this is a student organized free conference shows that the only force behind the organization of the conference is pure passion, and the organization has been determined from the start in making this a great conference, and something that people will already be looking for until next year. With a panel that will bring together international speakers, known personalities and high-level company managers, it is a great opportunity to learn new perspectives and understand how impacting technology can be.

In a world full of hatred and evil, we believe that displaying companies and individuals that look for what good they can bring to the world is essential, and may be a way to inspire young developers and future entrepreneurs to really deliver a positive impact in the world.

Personally, this will also be an incredible experience to add to my management portfolio, and I look forward to learn even more about how to manage people, events and organizations. I will write a new post later to describe all of this.

I hope to see you all in Talk A Bit, on January 20th 2018 at FEUP!